Computer viruses


Computer viruses have existed since there were computers, especially since there are Windows. 😉
And since the Internet is there, they are in great abundance! 😉
So-called “free” anti-virus programs do almost nothing. 😉
You know “No free lunch”!
I personally recommend and offer the products of: Kaspersky lab.

and more specifically Kaspersky Anti-virus.

There are versions for tablet and smartphone
Viruses are many in appearance and do a lot of things but are not harmless!

What viruses do:

Install unnecessary programs without your knowledge.
They change your home page, for example from GOOGLE to ASK or something completely unknown as a site.
They lead to unnecessary traffic, completely obstruct your Internet and your PC, laptop … prohibit the opening of anti-virus pages, open additional pages …
Where do they come from?
They come with the installation of a software or a visit to a specific page and can copy your personal data such as e-mail names, password, credit cards изпра and send them to the owner of the Virus / Trojan horse.
They can send themselves to all your friends on Facebook Instagram and Skype on your behalf!
They can also record your Skype calls and then send them!
They can also be copied to all media and USB FLASHs.
They can enter your computer / laptop and command it remotely!
Ie You become a ZOMBIE! And on your behalf to hack, bomb or scan other computers and servers… SPAM server… 😉
Annoying pop-ups prompting you to purchase software, a product, or create an account using your credit card. 😉
They become infected and run with every software you use. And soon the standard programs start to give you an error and cannot be started one by one.
They can erase your entire hard drive on a specific date or time !!!
There are also viruses for the Microsoft office suite: Word, Excel…

All this leads to CPU load and slow operation of the computer / laptop as a whole!
If you have internet banking or e-signature it is a must to have Anti-Virus software!
There are already “phishing” viruses that can mimic the 1: 1 site of your bank / s!


Always have Anti-Virus software up to date.
Scan each FLASH with your anti-virus before opening it!
When you only want to copy information to another computer or laptop, 
use the write-protect button if your FLASH has it, of course!
Be careful what links you open from Facebook, Instagram or received via Skype or 

They often even imitate banking institutions.
When a friend sends you a link on Skype, e-mail or Facebook without asking, ask what the link is about and if he sent it before you open it! in Bulgarian and leads to an infected site!
Pay attention to the spelling of the e-mail or message!
Be careful first, not curious!
When you install a software, read what you agree with and what it will install besides the software, not just NEXT, NEXT… 😉
If the mouse moves without you touching it or turns on without your knowledge, your webcam. Congratulations you have a Trojan horse. And you can organize horse races 😉

When you are already infected, it is much harder to upload anti-virus software.
As I said above already viruses for tablets and smartphones and do not think “It will not happen to me” when you are on the Internet.

Remove viruses and any unnecessary programs on site or remotely when possible!
Last but not least, there are viruses that encode all your photos or documents and want to send a considerable amount by a certain date or everything encoded will be deleted!

Don’t become a zombie, fish or other animal for your carelessness! 😉

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