Prevention Yes or No ?!

If your laptop overheats it is quite dangerous!
The fan rotates at maximum speed, the case around the vents is hot, this may mean that no maintenance has been done soon and the laptop is overheating!
Self-restart, crashing Windows and starts after 1-2 hours. off and after cooling it leaves again.

This leads to:

Burning CPU, video card, hard drive or motherboard which means NEW LAPTOP, nerves and $

Do not save money on prevention, because then you will pay a lot of money, you may lose data such as photos, documentsā€¦
Laptop maintenance is mandatory at least once a year! Especially before the summer!

The same goes for your home computer even more so if it is on the floor and not like a laptop on a desk or table.
In computers, in addition to the above, a power supply can also burn, and from it a motherboard, processor, hard driveā€¦
Note that when it is on the ground, the computer sucks air from the floor and blows it through the power supply. No matter how much you clean at home, there is always dust in the computer.
Prevention can save you a lot of nerves and money if done regularly!

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Computer for prevention

Here is a computer that has not been serviced since it was bought




Laptop for prevention